Kinsey is a transparent and genuine artist with a gift for communicating personal experiences with an honest voice.  One fan commented "Kinsey's use of real life experience in her music deeply resonates with me.  There is no human experience-light and dark, challenging and inspirational-that Kinsey can't put to song"   

Kinsey finds her roots in the corn fields of Indiana and credits her success to the work ethic instilled in her by her father, and the constant encouragement of her mother.  "My parents always gave their children the belief that our ideas were valid and should be pursued.", says Kinsey.  Despite her simple roots, she has traveled the world and is energized by every new person and story she encounters. 

Kinsey's greatest joy in being an actress and recording artist is hearing back from the people who have embraced her work and appreciated the meaning.  "Art contains a beautiful purpose to unify people through a common thought, feeling or experience.  Engaging in this process is the amazing part of being an artist."  

Kinsey Michal